Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter 11-Never Too Late

Kaicee was in the bathroom giving Kendall a bath when Pat came in and sat down on the closed lid of the toilet. Kendall was lying in the baby tub and Kaicee was washing her hair with her back to the door.

“Hey,” Pat said awkwardly and Kaicee turned around.


“Want me to do anything?”

“She’s almost done.”

Pat smiled slightly, “Can I still come with you guys today?”

“If you want to, are you sure you don’t have better things to do,” Kaicee replied picking Kendall up and Pat handed her the towel that she was looking for.

“I’m trying here, here let me take her,” he said holding his arms out and Kaicee hesitated but handed Kendall to Patrick who wrapped her in the towel.

“We have a lot to talk about,” she replied, “A lot was said and done but we need to be civil with each other and actually discuss it instead of being at each other’s throats about everything.”

“I know,” Pat sighed standing up placing Kendall on his chest. She had her head on his shoulder and he kissed her head.

“I’m tired of fighting, Patrick; it’s not good for Kendall.”

Pat looked up from Kendall to Kaicee and he felt his heart break as she stared back at him with bloodshot eyes. He knew she cried herself to sleep the night before, he heard her but he was too much of a coward to go and comfort her and apologize for everything.

“We’ll talk later,” he mumbled walking into his room to get Kendall dressed. Kaicee finished getting dressed and Pat came out of the room holding Kendall who was wearing the pink onesie with “Daddy 88” on the back, a pink Hawks headband with a bow, a pink skirt, and her Jordan shoes that Pat had bought her.

“At least you know how to dress her,” Kaicee said trying to make conversation and Pat laughed.

“Say, ‘Naw mommy, I’m a young stunna, stuntin’ like my daddy,’” Pat sad waving Kendall’s hand and smiling.

Kaicee laughed and grabbed the diaper bag off the bed and her purse, “You did not just quote Lil Wayne.
Pat laughed, “Yeah I did.”

Kaicee rolled her eyes enjoying the civil conversation between them, “Are you still okay with going to the zoo? If we go to the park you may not be recognized that much.”

“Zoo’s fine,” Pat replied, “Do you want to drive or do you want me to drive?”

“I’ll drive since the car seat is in my car already.”

“Alright,” he replied as they walked down the driveway to the car.

“I’ll show you how to work the car seat.”

“That will come in handy,” Pat smiled as Kaicee showed him how to install and remove the car seat as well as how to buckle Kendall in.

Pat buckled Kendall in and climbed into the passenger seat. Kaicee pulled out of the driveway and headed towards the Buffalo Zoo. The car was silent the whole way, neither Pat nor Kaicee knew what to say to each other. This was the first time both of them were attempting to meet at a halfway point and make a step towards getting along for Kendall’s sake.

Kaicee grabbed the stroller out of the trunk and Pat unbuckled Kendall from the car seat.

“Having trouble,” Kaicee laughed and Pat sighed before smiling.

“Kind of,” he laughed, “These things are prison for babies.”

“Tell me about it, it took me a week to learn how to do it the right way.”

Kaicee unfastened Kendall and Pat leaned in and took her out gently. She was sleeping and Pat held her against his chest. He was warming up to finally being a father and Kaicee smiled at how content Kendall looked.

“At least I know how a stroller works,” he said placing Kendall down gently before putting a blanket over her body.

Kaicee locked the car after grabbing the diaper bag and her money out of her purse before she placed it in the trunk and locked it.

“I got it,” Pat said pulling out his wallet when Kaicee went to pay.

“Pat, it’s no big deal.”

“Shut up,” he said smiling as he handed the attendant his credit card.

When they were on the elevator since the stroller obviously wasn’t able to go on the escalator, Kaicee received a text from Erica asking where she was.

Where are you?

At the zoo with Kendall and Patrick

Yeah right

I’m serious

Feed my brother to the lions

He’s actually being nice

Look where that has gotten you before

I know, I’ll text you later

Okay and remember what I said, if he starts fighting feed his ass to the lions

LOL! You got it

Pat pushed the stroller as the elevator doors opened.

“Excuse me, would you guys like your picture taken,” the young zoo employee asked Pat who looked at Kaicee.

“What do you say? You up for it,” Pat asked Kaicee who stood there shocked at his sudden change in attitude, “I know we haven’t been the best of friends but it’ll be nice to have a picture of the three of us.”

“Okay,” she replied smiling slightly.

Pat picked Kendall up from the stroller and held her against him and he put his arm around Kaicee as the young girl snapped the picture.

“That’s cute, come on kiss her or something,” she said enthusiastically.

“That’s not a good idea, you see we kind of ha--,” she went to say before she was cut off by Pat’s lips crashing down on hers as he held Kendall in one arm while his other arm held Kaicee close to him.

“Great picture,” the young girl shouted and Pat pulled away smiling awkwardly as Kaicee stood their stunned.

“I need to go um…use the bathroom,” Kaicee said at a loss for words as she headed towards the bathroom.

Pat put Kendall back in her stroller and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, he didn’t know what came over him and he was worried that he fucked everything up ten times worse than he already had.

Kaicee stood in the mirror and flashed cold water over her face. She wanted to shatter her own reflection for feeling sparks when Pat kissed her. She hated him, he made her life hell and he didn’t want to be Kendall’s father.

Wiping her face with a paper towel, she headed back out reluctantly to where Pat was waiting.

“Are you okay,” he asked, “Listen, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that, I don’t know what came over me.”

“You can’t do that again,” Kaicee said, “Just don’t.”

“Why not?”

“We’re not together, Patrick. We hate each other, you hate me for ruining your life and I hate you for being an asshole the last nine months and making my life a living hell. I almost lost Kendall because of you.”

“What do you mean you almost lost her because of me?”

“We got into an argument before you left for you one road trip and I went into false labor. Had Kendall have born at the time that happened, she would have been dead because she wouldn’t have been able to survive on her own because her lungs weren’t developed. You hate me for ruining your life and you have said so much shit to me that has been hurtful. I don’t know why I have never hit you, I seriously wanted to punch you in the face last night when you said what you did. Patrick, like it or not, we have a daughter that needs the both of us in her life. I figured you’d come with me today so I could try to talk to you but then you kissed me and I really wanted to hit you. You can’t expect me to just forget everything that happened. I don’t know who you are or what you have became over the last nine months but it sure as hell wasn’t the Patrick I remember.”

Pat put his head down and looked at Kendall who was facing him in her stroller, he looked over at Kaicee who had put her head down on her arms.

“Don’t cry, Kaicee,” he said putting his arm around her back, “I’m so sorry for everything. I stayed up all night thinking about the way that I have treated you. It took my whole family to tell me what a scum bag I was for treating you that way. I had no idea you almost lost Kendall. God, I don’t know what I would have done if you would have. I would never be able to live with myself if something happened to her. I definitely don’t want to hurt you anymore and I really wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I lost you either.”

“I heard something last night that I need to ask you about,” Kaicee said looking up at Patrick.

“What did you hear?”

“I was coming into your room to get Kendall and I heard you talking to her.”

Patrick froze before swallowing hard, “How much did you hear?”

“I heard her telling her that you loved her but then I also heard you say that you loved me, Pat I need you to be honest with me. If you love me, why did you hurt me all of those months?”

“I was stupid, that’s why. No one knows what I go through, what it’s like to be judged by the media every time something happens with me. When I was arrested last summer, they put me a microscope. Every time I fuck up, it’s front page news. I knew that if I fucked everything up, it would ruin me. I did fuck up Kaicee, I fucked up big time. I don’t know the side of me that came out in the fights and I sure as hell didn’t like the monster that fought with you last night.”

“You didn’t answer the first part of my question, do you love me?”

“Of course I love you, you’re the mother of my child.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Why do you care anyway? You have Jon.”

“We broke up,” Kaicee replied, “We broke it off before I came back.”


“He told me he loved me and I didn’t answer him and he asked me if I was in love with someone else and I told him yes.”

“What the hell? How did you find someone else and I didn’t know about it? Is it another one of the Hawks?”


“Is it Steeger?”



“No, he has a girlfriend.”




“Oh yeah, he’s real attractive with that bright ass hair…not,” Kaicee replied sarcastically.



“Then who is it?”

“Maybe you should look in the mirror,” Kaicee replied standing up pushing the stroller away and heading towards the entrance to the exhibits.

“Maybe you should look in the mirror,”
Pat though when a light bulb went off, “Kaicee,” he called out and she stopped turning around.

“What,” she snapped and Pat wrapped his arms around her

“I love you, too.”

Kaicee pulled away from the stroller and felt the tears roll down her cheeks as she put her arms around Pat and he hugged her to him.

“I’m so sorry for everything, I have so much to make up to you. I was such an asshole, I’m getting help from one of the counselors with the team. I’m so sorry for everything, I don’t even know how to apologize because what I did was terrible.”

“I’m not ready to forgive you just yet, you have to work for my trust. Just promise me you’ll be there for Kendall.”

“I’ll be there for her and for you but you have to do me a favor!”


“When we leave here, we take her home and ask my mom or one of my sisters if they can watch her and we go out. It stopped being about sex with you a long time ago, I want a relationship Kaicee. A real relationship, I’m so tired of fucking around. I want to know what it’s like to be in love. We can pretend Kendall doesn’t exist for one night. We need to get to know each other and I need to show you how sorry I am for everything, please go?”


The day went by faster than they would have liked it to. Pat had a good time and Kaicee was still in shock with what had happened that she barely said anything all day. When they arrived home, the entire Kane family was surprised to see that they were getting along and that they were going to have dinner together that night.

Donna jumped at the chance to watch her granddaughter. She was just happy they were getting along from out of nowhere. They went from hating each other the day before to getting along the next day.

At dinner, Pat and Kaicee didn’t know what to say to each other. Kaicee was the first one to break the silence asking Pat about the end of the season and in return he asked her things he never knew about her and he apologized over and over again for what he had done.

They got home and Kaicee changed into pajama shorts and a t-shirt before getting Kendall ready for bed. She walked into Pat’s room where he was sitting on the bed shirtless and watching a movie.

“She’s already sleeping,” he asked.

“That’s what babies do, Pat,” Kaicee replied, “They sleep a lot the first couple of months.”

“Want to watch a movie?”

“Not tonight, I’m tired so I think I’m going to bed.”

“You can sleep in here, if you want. That way if she wakes up, you’re here already.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Come on, it’s not like we haven’t share a bed before. We have a lot to talk about still and my mom won’t care, how else do you think she knows Kendall got here?”

Kaicee rolled her eyes and walked over to Pat’s bed. He moved over and she crawled in next to him.

“Goodnight, Kaicee,” he said turning off the lamp placing a kiss on her forehead.

“Night Pat,” she said turning to face the crib. Pat watched her sleep and he wanted to touch her but he didn’t want to push his limits. He didn’t want them to be right back where they started from. He closed his eyes and saw his daughter’s face and for the first time in his life, Patrick knew he had to change. Not only for himself and his career but for his daughter, it was never too late to do it and Pat promised he’d never hurt Kaicee again, he just hoped he could keep that promise.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 10-Up in Smoke

Kaicee and Erica were sitting in the Kane family’s backyard sitting at the patio table. Kendall was sound asleep in Kaicee’s arms. She was now a month old, Patrick’s season ended early which meant he’d be home any day now and Kaicee was dreading every minute of it. Kaicee and Erica were enjoying the rare warm day in Buffalo.

“Where’s mom and dad,” Patrick’s voice said breaking Kaicee from her thoughts and she had to resist the urge to slap him.

“They went out to get something to cook on the grill, they should be back soon,” Erica replied coldly to her brother.

Pat looked at Kaicee and walked into the house slamming the sliding glass door behind him without saying anything.

“It’s nice to know he acknowledged his daughter,” Erica said sarcastically and Kaicee rolled her eyes, “I mean you would think you leaving Chicago and coming home to Buffalo would teach him a lesson but no, he’d rather fucking party every night.”

“I’m done worrying about it and crying over it,” Kaicee replied, “Kendall is better off without him.”

Jackie and Jessica soon joined them at the table. Kendall was now awake and Kaicee excused herself to go inside and get a bottle for Kendall. Jessica and Jackie noticed how much Kendall looked like Patrick. She had his eyes and no doubt she had his hair. The blonde curls were starting to grow and when she would make certain faces, it reminded them of their brother.

Kaicee was in the kitchen boiling water on the stove to heat the bottle when Patrick came in.

“So, that was a cute stunt you pulled,” he said, “What gives you the right to take my daughter?”

Kaicee ignored him and started mixing the formula. Patrick rolled his eyes and walked into the living room.

“You have no reason to roll your eyes at me and what gave me the right to take her was the fact that she is MY daughter too,” Kaicee began, “And I was bringing her home to your family, it’s not like I was taking her to Mexico and never coming back. Another right I have is the fact that I have been more of a parent than you. You fucking went out the night of your daughter’s birth with your friends instead of staying in the hospital to try to get to know her. I don’t blame her if she grows up to hate you for not being there because we’re not coming back to Chicago once the season starts again. I hope you fucking die alone, you piece of shit.”

Kaicee tested the bottle on her arm and walked outside and took her daughter from Jessica and began feeding her, Pat stood up and walked outside.

“You’re a fucking bitch, do you know that,” he began not caring if his sisters were around, “I never should have fucking slept with you. I’ll do whatever the fuck I want; you’re not the boss of me. How do I even know that’s my kid? Being the whore you are, you could have slept with the whole fucking city for all I know. I’m sure your precious little Jonny would love to be the kid’s father since he fucking acts like he is.”

“Patrick,” Erica said, “Shut the fuck up.”

“Mind your own fucking business, Erica,” he snapped.

“No, I will not mind my own fucking business. She’s my fucking niece and Kaicee is my best friend, grow the fuck up and accept the responsibility that you have a fucking kid. Kaicee has been busting her ass and not sleeping at night taking care of your daughter that you could give two shits about. What you did that night at the hospital was unacceptable and I hope you regret it every damn day of your life but you won’t.”

“Fuck you both,” Patrick replied glaring at the two of them before walking into the house.

Later on that night, the whole family including Patrick and Kaicee were sitting outside eating dinner and trying to act normal. Kendall was upstairs taking a nap in her crib that was located in Pat’s room.

Kaicee had the baby monitor placed in front of her incase Kendall would wake up and would be crying. Kaicee was getting ready to take a bite of her food when Kendall began crying.

“Sit down,” Erica said, “Patrick will go get her.”

“I’m not getting her,” he replied taking a bite of his burger.

“Erica, it’s okay,” Kaicee smiled weakly, “I got it.”


“Fuck you, Erica.”

“Stop it,” Donna warned, “All you’re doing is upsetting each other and Kaicee. Let’s just have a nice family dinner.”

“Patrick’s not my brother,” Erica said, “If he was my brother, he’d be a man and go get his daughter that he doesn’t want anything to do with but newsflash Pat, she lives with us and she’s going to be around for the rest of your life. You might as well accept this shit now.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Pat said, “I told you to mind your business.”

“It’s all of our business,” Jessica finally spoke up breaking her silence, “I’ve remained neutral for too long because I love you and you know I’d do anything for you and you give us anything we want when we ask for it but Pat, Erica’s right. You have to learn to accept the responsibility that Kendall is your daughter. You’re just as guilty as Kaicee, you two created her but Kaicee is struggling Pat. She needs help, we’re trying to help her but Kendall needs two parents to love her not just one. Now go upstairs and get that baby before we all kick your ass, mom and dad included. Did you know mom cries every night because the Patrick she raised isn’t the Patrick that is sitting at this table right now with us? She wonders how you got to be the douche bag that you are.”

The table was in complete silence as Pat pushed his chair back and stalked off into the house. Kendall stopped crying over the baby monitor when they all heard the door to his room open up. As soon as Pat picked her up, she stopped crying.

Pat looked at his daughter who was cuddling into his chest and he almost felt sorry for everything he had said and done to Kaicee. Kaicee appeared behind him and Pat handed her the baby. She walked out of the room and Pat shut the door behind her. Pulling out his cell phone, he called James and asked him if he wanted to go out.

Donna was in the kitchen with Erica, Jessica, and Jackie when Pat came down the stairs dressed.

“Where do you think you’re going,” Donna asked.

“I’m going out!”

“Patrick,” Donna sighed, “No, you are not. After what happened at dinner, you need to be upstairs apologizing your ass off to Kaicee and you need to be spending time with Kendall. I’m not going to sit around and watch you act like a child. You’re an adult Patrick, and being an adult has responsibilities and it’s about time you accepted yours. You call James or whoever you’re going out with and you tell them that you are staying in tonight because that’s what fathers do, they put their children first.”

Patrick tried to argue but Pat Sr. came in the kitchen, “Don’t argue with your mother, I’m not defending you this time. You’re wrong, son.”

Pat rolled his eyes and went upstairs where he saw Kaicee coming out of her room, “Pat, listen, we need to talk.”

“No we don’t. I want to thank you.”

“For what?”

“For ruining my fucking life,” he replied slamming the door to his bedroom.

Kaicee fought back the tears that were threatening to fall and walked back into the room she shared with Erica. Kendall was on a blanket on the floor, picking her daughter up, she held her to her chest and rubbed her back while kissing her forehead.

Kaicee felt like she didn’t have anyone in her life. The Kane family was there for her but her parents still hadn’t bothered to contact her just to make sure she was okay and Pat didn’t care about her. She broke it off with Jon when she left Chicago. He told her he loved her and she didn’t answer back and told them they were better off as friends. Jon agreed knowing something else was the reason she didn’t bother to say those three words but he didn’t push the issue.

Erica came up the steps and smiled at Kaicee who was changing a sleeping Kendall’s diaper before putting her into a onesie so that she could put her to bed, “Are you okay,” she asked.

“Yeah,” Kaicee replied, “I’m fine, just glad Pat knows we are all against him.”

“He’ll come to his senses now that he knows how fed up everyone is.

“I’m going to go put her to bed,” Kaicee replied, “Thank you so much, for everything.”

“We love you like a sister,” Erica said hugging her before placing a kiss on Kendall’s head, “We’re happy you’re here with her.”

Kaicee smiled and walked down the hall, Pat’s door was now slightly cracked and she could see it was pitch black. She walked over to the crib by the window and placed Kendall down gently in the crib. Pat’s snores filled the room as Kaicee turned the mobile on above the crib.

“Night baby, I love you,” she whispered to her daughter making sure the baby monitor was on in case Kendall would wake up. Shutting the door behind her, she went back into her bedroom and grabbed her clothes that she slept in before heading off to take a shower. As the hot water streamed over her body, she closed her eyes letting the tears fall. The hot water relaxed her and she finished the shower when the water started to go cold.

Kaicee crawled into bed and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. An hour later, she heard crying over the baby monitor. Climbing out of bed slowly and half asleep, she walked down the hall to Pat’s room. She noticed the light was on and she peeked through the door to see Pat holding Kendall on the bed rubbing her back soothingly.

Kaicee smiled and was about to open the door to go in when she heard Pat finally talk to his daughter, “Oh sweetie,” he began, “I don’t hate you, don’t ever think that. I love you and I promise I’m going to be the best daddy that I can be to you. I love mommy too.”

Kaicee wasn’t sure she had heard what she had heard, she was still half asleep. Deciding to ignore it, she opened the door.

“Hey,” Pat whispered, “You didn’t have to get up.”

“I didn’t know if you were home or not,” Kaicee replied standing against the door frame.

“Why wouldn’t I be home,” Pat snapped.

“I just figured you went out with James anyway,” Kaicee shrugged.

“Well, I didn’t,” he replied angrily and Kaicee sighed.

“Look, I’m not going to fight with you, it’s too late for that. I was thinking about taking her to either the zoo or the park tomorrow and you can come if you want, quite frankly I don’t care what you do anymore. Make sure you turn the mobile on before you put her back to bed,” she said walking out of the room and back down the hall to Erica’s room. She now doubted what she heard Pat say and she cried herself to sleep.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Chapter 9-It's A Girl

*AN* Sorry it didn't get posted when it was supposed to, I had to plan an essay for school. We had an hour and a half class period in a World Literature II class to do a five page essay with evidence of our argument and I had to plan what I was going to say. I hope you all enjoy this. This is just the start of what is ahead. I appreciate your feedback and your encouraging comments. Thanks for staying with me, you guys are awesome.

Pat had arrived home from a short road trip with the Hawks! We weren't exactly on good terms and still wanted to rip each others throats out.

Pat still acted like a frat boy and I was constantly getting phone calls to come pick him up at Sharpie or Soupy's house because he was too drunk to drive.

"Kaicee," Pat's voiced called down the hall, "Are you awake?"

I was almost sound asleep when I heard him calling my name.

"I'm in my room," I replied coldly as I turned my back towards the door.

"Hey," he whispered as he came through the door, "I'm home."

"Okay," I mumbled turning over to give him a slight smile, "Welcome back!"

He shut the door behind him and my phone went off on the night stand letting me know I had a text message.

We're home, lunch after practice tomorrow?

Welcome back!...Idk, I haven't been feeling good

I'll bring something over then! Is Donna still there?

Yeah, she went to a hotel for the night since the baby's room is a nursery and Pat is back

I waited for a reply but it never came, Jon always did this when the boys came home late. I shut my eyes and soon fell asleep! Kendall was kicking like crazy; it was almost as if she knew her father was home.

Patrick smiled as he entered Kaicee’s room; she was sound asleep on her side with her hand on her stomach. She was now eight months pregnant which meant Kendall would be here in one month or sooner if he stressed Kaicee out like he always did.

Carefully walking over to the bed, Pat lifted Kaicee's shirt and place a kiss on her stomach, "Hey angel," he whispered, "Daddy's home!"

He placed his hand on Kaicee's stomach and he felt Kendall kick in response, "Daddy's going to sleep now but behave for your mommy, okay? Please try to come when daddy is home and not halfway across America!"

Kendall kicked harder this time and Pat chuckled before placing another kiss on Kaicee's stomach, "I love you," he whispered before standing up and kissing Kaicee's forehead, "Sometimes I even love you too," he mumbled before walking out of the room.

Pat walked into the nursery and began removing clothes from gift bags to the dressers. His mom and sisters had thrown Kaicee a baby shower while he was away in California and western Canada.

Pat laughed as he saw the little pink Blackhawks onesie with "Daddy 88" from his sisters on the back but frowned when he saw the matching purple one with "Toews 19" on the back.

"What the fuck ever," Pat said throwing the onesie in the drawer. He disposed of the bags after writing down who gave the gifts so Kaicee could send out thank you notes.

The whole city of Chicago still didn't know he was Kendall's father. Jon had done a good job at keeping his relationship with Kaicee private and Patrick had to admit that he was grateful for it. The only thing the city knew was what Patrick had told the media, the story was that Kaicee was in a relationship and the father kicked her out of the house and she had nowhere to go since her parents disowned her, and Pat had taken it upon himself to her in since she was his sister's best friend who needed a fresh start, therefore, moving to Chicago.

Walking the garbage to the shoot down the hall that lead to the main dumpster, Pat opened the door to his apartment and went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to find an empty house. I had a lot to do today since all of my gifts from the baby shower that Donna had given me still weren't put away. As I opened the door, I saw a list taped to the dresser with names and the gift they had bought. I looked in the drawers and saw all of Kendall's clothes were folded neatly in them. I sighed as I saw the purple onesie wrinkled in the empty drawer that Pat marked "Jordans" on. I saw the little white shoes with the Michael Jordan silhouette on them and I laughed. It was pretty funny to see that although Patrick was against having a baby, he still wanted to make sure she was dressed to impress.

I folded Jon's onesie neatly and walked down the stairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. I was in the middle of making eggs when I felt something wet hit my feet and a sharp pain in my stomach.

I turned the stove off and buckled over as the pain left, I looked down at the puddle of water by my feet and that's when I realized that I was now in labor. I pulled my cell phone out of my sweatpants pocket and dialed Donna's number.

"Donna," I gasped.

"Kaicee, what's wrong," she asked frantically, "Are you pkay?"

"My water broke, I'm in labor," I managed to get out as another pain jabbed me in the stomach.

"Hang on, honey," she said yelling for Erica, Jessica, and Jackie, "We'll be right there."

"I gotta call Patrick!"

"Don't worry about that, Erica's on the phone right now calling him. Call Jon and let him know."

Jon ended the call and ran down the runway of the United Center towards his teammates.

"Whoa, Toe-ez where's the fire," Patrick Sharp asked.

Jonathan ignored his comment and skated towards Kaner who was messing around with Adam Burish.

"Kaner," Jon said when he finally reached him, "It's Kaicee, you got to get to the hospital."

"Why," Pat asked suddenly feeling nautious, "What's wrong with Kaicee?"

"Her water broke," Jon smiled, "Your mom couldn't reach you on your phone, so Kaicee called me and said to meet her there."

"Fuck," Pat replied skating towards Coach Quenneville, "Coach, I got to leave and scratch me tonight, let Steeger play."

"I swear to God Kane, you better be dead or dying for me to do that, what's wrong? Happy Hour at Tavern during second intermission?"

"I'm going t o be a daddy," Patrick admitted.

"Hahaha good one Kaner," Sharpie joked

"Kaner, since when are the Hawks paying your ass to be a comedian,” Adam Burish joked.

“You fucking assholes, he’s being serious. Kendall is his baby, not Kaicee’s ex, not mine, she’s Kaner’s,” Jon said rolling is eyes.

“I fucking knew it,” Bur replied, “Pay up Sharpie.”

Coach Q rolled his eyes at the men, “I know from experience the kid doesn’t wait for you to come to it before it decides it’s time to be born, so Kane, you’re scratched tonight and are excused from practice. If anyone asks, you have the flu. I’ll make sure we release an official statement.”

“Thank you,” Pat said skating as fast as he could towards the runway with Jonathan following behind.

“My car or your car,” Jon asked as they walked into the locker room.

“You are not going anywhere,” Pat replied as he put on his track suit.

“I have a right to be there, I’m her boyfriend,” Jon argued.

“What the fuck,” Pat yelled slamming his hand off the wooden stall, “Let’s get something straight, you are not Kendall’s fucking father, I am. You are not going to that hospital, you can come visit my daughter just like everyone else will. You maybe be Kaicee’s boyfriend but you are not ever going to be Kendall’s father, do I make myself clear?”

Jon stared at Pat in disbelief as he left the locker room without saying a word and headed back out to the ice.

Patrick called Donna to let her know that he was on his way. He arrived at the hospital, “GET OUT,” Kaicee screamed as a contraction hit her, “I don’t even want to look at you right now.”

Patrick wanted to say something rude to her but he kept it to himself. He knew now was not the time to start a fight with her when she was about to give birth to his daughter.

The doctor came in to check on Kaicee and she was nine centimeters dilated which meant Kendall was getting closer and closer to making her arrival. Donna and the girls were excited when the doctor came back an hour later and let Kaicee know that she was ready to push.

“Mr. Kane, would you like to go into the delivery room with her?”

“Yeah,” Pat smiled as the nurse pushed the gurney down the hall.

“Alright Kaicee, when I say push, you push. Mr. Kane count to ten.”

“Are you ready, Miss Carter,” the nurse asked.

“Get this baby out of me,” she screamed as Patrick reached down and took her hand in his.

“You can do it, Kaicee,” Pat whispered running his hands through her clammy forehead.

“Start counting to ten, this baby is ready to come out.”

“One, two, three,” Pat counted and Kaicee pushed.

“Good, the head’s almost out.”

Patrick counted down one last time and Kaicee pushed before she fell back against the hospital bed.

“Congratulations Mr. Kane, Miss Carter, it’s a girl,” the doctor announced as he suctioned Kendall’s nose.

Kendall Chelsea Kane was born on February 12, 2008 weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces and sixteen inches long at 7:37 pm.

“Mr. Kane, would you like to cut the cord,” the nurse asked handing Patrick the scissors completely oblivious to the fact that Patrick was the father.

As Patrick cut the cord, he couldn’t help but smile. Later on as Donna and the girls entered the room. Patrick’s phone rang and he grabbed it out of his pocket. Sighing as he looked at the screen, he noticed the seven words that he always received from Adam when the Hawks won.

We kicked ass!! Club tonight? You in?

Patrick looked at me and I just frowned and signaled for him to leave and even though Kendall was now here, Patrick was still the same. He chose partying with his teammates over his newborn daughter.

“Oh my God,” I said looking at the television as the Hawks highlights showed, “He fucking gave Kendall her middle name because of Chelsea Dagger.”

Donna smiled and tried to convince me that it was cute. I pretended it was and laughed it off but deep down she hated it because Patrick was going to turn our daughter into a chick magnet.

“We’re going back to Buffalo in a week,” Erica announced, “Why don’t you bring Kendall back so that she can get used to her room at homes?”

“Patrick still has some of the season left,” Donna said.

“Buffalo sounds like a great idea,” I replied and Erica knew that if I didn’t leave Chicago now, the Blackhawks would have a dead superstar.

Patrick left the club that night with a girl like he always did and a massive hangover during his walk of shame the next morning. It didn’t faze him that he had a daughter, to him being a dad was just a title and not a responsibility but he was about to learn the hard way because sometimes you don’t know what you got until it’s gone and Patrick Kane was about to be slapped in the face by a big dose of reality.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great News

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chapter 8-Back to Basics

Patrick slid down the wall and re-read the letter that was left on the dining room table when he returned home from practice. How could he have let things this out of hand, he should have just manned up and accepted his responsibilities as a father but instead he was letting his daughter walk out of his life.

Crumbling up the paper, the words were etched in his mind. He sighed as he grabbed his phone and dialed Jon’s number.


I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye but you left me no choice. I know you want to be there for Kendall but you’re not there for me. I can’t take the fighting anymore; it’s not healthy for either one of us. Last week when I went into false labor after one of our fights, it made me realize that I need to get away from you in order to keep our baby safe. As much as it hurts me leaving because I am so far along in my pregnancy, I just can’t be around you anymore. There are days you are the Patrick that I’ve known then there are days you turn into “P.Kane.” Don’t try to find me, I’ll call you when I come back.

I know you’re capable of being a great father but until then, I’m gone.


Patrick ran his hands through his curls and slid down the wall putting his head in his hands. How did he let it get this far? He turned into the guy he hated, the guy who refused to man-up and accept his responsibilities as a father.

Sighing to himself, he stood up, grabbed his keys off of the table by the door and left the house. Pulling into the Babies R Us on Western Avenue, he put the car in park and walked into the store. Grabbing the cherry wood crib with the pink and brown polka dot bedding that matched the stroller and car seat he had chosen, he then made his way to the baby apparel. Grabbing one of every dress and outfit he could find, he paid for everything he bought.

He was a man on a mission, he had to not only change for his daughter’s sake but for himself as well. Pulling the cans of paint out of the car and into the house, he got to work on the bedroom that was currently his guestroom.

Patrick took a step back in the door of the former guestroom at his home and smiled to himself. He spent all of his free time turning the room into Kendall’s nursery

He put the crib together himself and the rocking chair that he had purchased was delivered on Sunday. Adam had called him several times begging him to go out to the clubs and pick up chicks but he wasn’t up for it. He was determined to get the nursery finished.

Now that the nursery was finally finished, Patrick shut the door to the guestroom and vowed not to let anyone see it until Kaicee returned from Buffalo.

Wednesday January 14, 2009

Patrick stepped onto the ice of the United Center, tonight the Hawks were playing his hometown team, the Buffalo Sabres. He hoped that Kaicee would come back to town tonight but as he looked around the stands, he didn’t see her.

“Are you okay, Kaner,” Jon asked skating over to him.

“Have you talked to Kaicee at all?”

“A couple of weeks ago, she said she’s doing fine and that Kendall is fine too.”

“Did she say when she’s coming back?”

“No, but she’ll be back before Kendall is born, she wouldn’t do that to you, I know you two fight but she wouldn’t do that.”

“I just want her to see what I did for Kendall!”

“What’d you do,” Jon asked as they shot pucks into the net during warm-ups.

“I made the guestroom that was used for storage at my house into a nursery for Kendall.”

“How come you never told us?”

“I guess I tried to keep the tough guy act going but deep down I wanted to prove to myself and Kaicee that I can be a father.”

“I would have helped you,” Jon said.

“I hate to admit this but part of me hates you, Jon,” Patrick began, “You make me mad when you act like you’re Kendall’s father. I know you’re with Kaicee but Kendall is my daughter, not yours.”

Jon didn’t bother responding before he skated away and started talking to Sharpie. Patrick fired pucks angrily in the net to try and clear his head. Just when he thought he could change, Jon changed his whole attitude. He talked to Kaicee once or twice a week and didn’t bother telling him and now he was acting like he was the father of Kendall once again.

After defeating the Sabres 4-1, Patrick took a shower and was leaving the arena when he noticed Jon with his arm around someone as he walked to his car. Patrick felt his blood boil when he noticed it was Kaicee, she was back in town and Jon didn’t tell him.


Slamming the door to his condo shut, Patrick threw everything from the table in his hallway on the floor and shouted a chain of cuss words at the walls.

“Lying bastard,” Patrick said picking up a picture of him and Jon and throwing it at the wall.

Patrick went into the kitchen and opened up the drawer where he had hit a bottle of rum from one of the parties that were thrown at his house and downed it without stopping. The burning of the alcohol felt good going down his throat and he could feel the sudden buzz coming over him. He grabbed the bottle of vodka that was also under the counter and popped it open before he sat down on the couch and started watching Sportscenter.

After finishing the bottle of vodka, Patrick passed out on the couch. When he woke up the next morning, he heard the sound of footsteps shuffling around the apartment. Sitting up on the couch and rubbing his head when he felt the pain from his hangover setting in, he looked around the apartment and noticed the broken glass was now cleaned and that Kaicee’s coat was hanging in the hallway.

“Well, well, well, look who finally decided to come back to Chicago,” Patrick said bitterly to the mother of his child as he entered the kitchen.

“It’s good to know you haven’t changed one bit while I was gone,” Kaicee fired back as she finished wiping down the counter.

“How long has that lying sack of shit supposed best friend of mine been keeping you hostage?”

“JON hasn’t been keeping me hostage, I came back in town last night.”

“I deserve to know when you’re back, after all that is my kid you’re carrying.”

“Since when do you care?”

“Since I donated my sperm to create the kid.”

“You sure do have a way with words, Patrick!”

Patrick rolled his eyes as he filled a glass with water and grabbed the bottle of Advil from the counter, “I’m not in the mood, so please shut the fuck up.”

“Fuck you,” Kaicee said throwing the rag down on the counter before she stormed off towards her bedroom.

“Bitch,” Patrick mumbled under his breath before he headed to take a shower.

Kaicee laid in her bed and cried, she thought her leaving would teach Patrick a lesson but it didn’t. She needed to get away, she needed to see Jon, and so she pulled on her boots and grabbed her scarf. As she was walking down the hall, she noticed the door with a pink K on it. She hadn’t noticed it when she first came home, so she turned the doorknob and stood there in complete shock as she noticed the finished nursery.

“Oh my God,” she said walking into the room and running her fingers over the crib and the pink and brown polka dot bedding that was inside of it. Looking around the room, she wiped a tear from her eye and sat in the rocking chair.

Patrick had made their daughter a nursery but still acted like he didn’t want to be a father. It hurt her to see that Patrick hadn’t changed but was in fact the same person she left. She knew coming back to Chicago was a bad idea but she was two months away from her due date and she couldn’t help but feel obligated to be here. Patrick deserved to see his child being born even though his own family didn’t think he did. She hated things being back to the way they were but everything gets better in time, right? She prayed that they would but deep down she knew her and Patrick were right back to where they had started from.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chapter 7-That Boy is a Monster

I stood in the living room too shocked to even move when Patrick shouted what he had just did.

“You’re the mother of my child, I should be able to fuck you when I want.”

“Patrick that was totally uncalled for,” I suddenly replied finally finding the words to say, “You’re an asshole, you know that, right?”

“I’m an asshole,” he laughed, “Toews is the one parading around like he is the father of my daughter and you’re calling me the asshole?”

“Leave Jon out of this,” I snapped. I was ready to kill him at any moment, “He’s been there for me unlike you, Mr. Jack Daniels.”

“Real mature, Kaicee, really, that’s such a great comeback. I think you’ve been hanging around Jon a little too much that your insults are getting lame just like his.”

“Fuck you, Patrick,” I spat as I grabbed my car keys and purse off of the table in the hallway.

“Where are you going?”


“Airport? For what?”

“I told you that if we had one more fight and you hurt me again, I was going to New York City and that’s where I’m going.”

“You don’t have clothes or a bag packed, you dumbass.”

“Hello, my aunt just had my cousin last year and we’re the same size, I’ll get by. By the way, the only dumbass is you because you’re letting me leave without fighting for your child, that’s pretty pathetic on your part.”

“I love my daughter, I just don’t love you.”

I didn’t even give him the pleasure of getting a response out of me before I walked out slamming the door behind me.

Before I pulled out of the garage of Patrick's apartment building, I called Erica.

“HE SAID WHAT,” Erica screamed as I told her what Pat had said.

“He basically came out and told me that he should be able to have sex with me whenever he wants because I’m the mother of his child and that he should be the only person allowed to have sex with me.”

“Fucking douchebag, you just wait until I get a hold of him.”

“It’s not worth it anymore Erica, it’s beyond threatening him and kicking his ass. I’m so fed up, I just want to come home to Buffalo.”

“Don’t stay there if you’re not happy, Kaicee. I know you are only staying because of Jon but come on, even Jon wants you to be happy.”

“I just wish Patrick would act differently. There are days he’s happy about Kendall and then there are days where he could give two shits.”

“Just leave, Kaicee. You’re my best friend and I hate it that my brother is standing there hurting you every single day and you are putting up with it because you want Kendall to have a father. Kendall deserves to be happy too and she won’t be happy living in a household where her parents fight all of the time.”

“You’re right,” I replied.

“Go back home, ignore him, get some sleep, and call me in the morning.”

“Okay, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Remember what I said and please promise me you’ll think about coming home.”

“I will, thanks Erica, it means a lot that you and your family care.”

“Anytime, love you skank.”

“Love you too hoebag.”

I hung up the phone and pulled into the Starbucks parking lot. I know caffeine is bad to drink when you’re pregnant but the double chocolatey chip frappucinos are made with cream and not coffee and that is what I was craving right now.

My phone rang breaking me out of my trance and I saw that it was Patrick calling me. I hit ignore and set my phone back down on the table as I started reading a book about pregnancies.

When I left the coffee shop, it was almost eight o’clock. Patrick was probably out on the town with Bur and Sharpie so I headed home to take a hot bath, get something to eat, and then go to sleep.

I walked into the house and closed the door behind me. I locked it and walked down the hall to my bedroom. I was in the middle of getting undressed to take a shower when I felt Patrick come up behind me and start kissing my neck.

“Patrick, stop it,” I replied as he bit down and I let out a scream.

“Even though you hate me and we fight all of the time, I still find you extremely sexy,” he whispered in my ear and he turned me around to face him. Before I could protest, he locked his lips on mine.

“I ca-can’t,” I whispered.

“You know I still have that effect on you when I do this,” he said running his finger down my arm as I closed my eyes. I didn’t need to see that he had a smirk on his face because I heard it in his voice, “Or when I do this,” he whispered as he ran his hands over my breasts.

Before I knew it, we were back to where we started and how we got into this mess in the first place.

“God, you’re so tight,” Patrick groaned against my lips as he entered me without a condom. What’s the use in using protection when you’re knocked up anyways.

Jon was in the back of my mind as Patrick began moving in and out of me. I pushed all the hatred I had for Patrick into the back of my mind as we both let out our frustrations.

I was screaming Patrick’s name as I came and he collapsed on top of me caressing my stomach. Suddenly coming to my senses, I shot up out of the bed and began screaming at him.

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE,” I screamed through tears as a smirk appeared on his face.

“You weren’t just saying that five minutes ago when you had no problems with me fucking you senseless.”


“Just did,” he smirked as I drew my fist back and punched him in the face. I knew he was going to have a black eye and quite frankly, I didn’t care. He deserved it.

“You are fucking impossible and I hate you. I wish I never even met you.”

I threw on a pair of sweatpants and grabbed a hoodie before I grabbed my purse and keys and got into my car again. This time, I need to go see the one person who could take away all of the pain and the one person that could make me smile no matter how bad I was feeling.

“JONNY,” I cried into the intercom, “Please wake up, I need you.”

“Kaicee,” he said greeting me at the front door immediately pulling me into his arms, “Sweetie, what happened?”

“Patrick, he,” I began before I started sobbing. I couldn’t even get the words out as he led me to the elevator.

He held me and whispered soothing words into my ear the whole way as I cried into his chest.

“What happened, Kaicee?”

“Patrick and I were fighting earlier and I left the house. I went to the Starbucks down the street and when I went back home, I was in my room getting undressed to take a shower when he came in started kissing my neck, long story short, one thing led to another and before I could even think we were having sex. I know it was wrong, Jonny, but I thought that maybe if I had sex with him we’d stop fighting. Jonny, I’m so sorry.”

I saw his jaw clench and him curl his fist into a ball but before he could do anything that would get him into trouble, I gave him a kiss on the lips and I felt him tense for a moment before he started kissing back.

“Just kiss me, Jonny, please make me forget him.”

There we stood in the middle of Jon’s living room kissing like our lives depended on it.


Kaicee and Jon stood in the middle of his living room kissing like it would be the last kiss that they ever shared.

“Kaicee, I’m not mad at you, technically we’re not official yet but after tonight when you told me you had sex with him, it just made me realize that I want you to commit to me and only me and I’ll commit to you and only you. I like you a lot and I’m jealous of Patrick right now. I want you to want me and I want to be there for you but I need you to be honest with me, do you love him?”

“I don’t love him, Jon and I never will,” Kaicee replied and Jon smiled before giving her a kiss.

Neither one of them knew that Patrick was standing on the other side of the door about to knock and apologize to his best friend and the mother of his daughter. Neither one of them saw the hurt that was in the young hockey player’s face as he heard the woman he was slowly beginning to care for say words that cut him like a knife.

Patrick didn’t know why he cared but he did and hearing the mother of his child say that she never would love him broke his heart but he was Patrick Kane, he could have any girl in the world he wanted. One chick wasn’t going to bring down his game, he wanted this baby to tame him but clearly that wouldn’t be the case because the mother was a selfish bitch who only cared about herself.

She ate his brain with false thoughts and she was slowly eating his heart with her words.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Chapter 6-My Little Girl

“Are you ready to go,” Pat asked as I nodded my head and he stuck his hand out to help me up off of the couch.

“Oh God, I’m sick of being pregnant already.”

“Here let me help you,” he said as I went to bend down and grab my purse.

“It’s okay, I got it,” I snapped.

“I was only trying to help.”

“When I want your help, I’ll ask for it.”

I didn’t know if it was my hormones or the fact that I have been so angry with him. I longed for the days where he and I didn’t fight and sometimes I wished we were both back in Buffalo locked up in his bedroom having sex.

“I’m sorry that I want to help you out.”

“Thanks for offering to help but it still doesn’t justify you lying to me for six months or the fact that you treat me like shit.”

“Can we please not fight today? We’re going to find out the sex of our baby so we can stop calling the damn thing ‘it.’ I really don’t want us being mad at each other, this should be a happy time.”

“You know it would be a happy time if you didn’t act like you’re a fucking frat boy.”

“Frat boy, really?”

“Oh please, Patrick. You go out with your buddies every single night and leave me home by myself while I’m pregnant with YOUR baby. I’m lucky Jon came along and actually cares about me and the baby.”

“Jon is not the father of this baby, I am.”

“THEN START ACTING LIKE IT,” I yelled before I broke down crying and snatched Patrick’s keys out of his hands.

I stormed out to the car and slammed the door behind me, “Are you going to stop being overdramatic?”

“Overdramatic? I’m being, overdramatic?”

“Uh, yeah you kind of are.”

“I’m fucking five months pregnant with your baby, you can act like you give a shit every once and a while.”

“Where did we go wrong, Kaicee,” Patrick asked while sighing as we pulled out of the driveway.

“You let your fame go to your head and turned into an alter ego that is someone other than yourself.”

“You really think that?”

“Yeah I do, Patrick. I’m tired of the fighting and talking about this. Every time we talk about it, everything is okay between us for fifteen minutes and then we are at each other’s throats.”

“What are you saying, Kaicee?”

“I’m saying that maybe me moving here was a bad idea, I know you wanted to be in the baby’s life but Patrick what fatherly things have you done for me or the baby?”

“I’m sorry I’m not perfect like Jon is.”

“See, there you go throwing Jon up to me again. Patrick, he’s your best friend, why do you hate the fact that he is with me?”

“I don’t hate that he’s with you, I hate that he’s pretending like he is the father of this baby.”

“Be honest, do you regret ever sleeping with me?”

“God no, I liked sleeping with you and would still be sleeping with you but we both made a mistake and we have to face it.”

“Yeah, we both made a mistake but Patrick, I’m the one dealing with it. You go out every night and act like you’re not going to be a father. That’s what makes me so angry with you.”

Patrick didn’t say anything and just continued driving. I leaned my head against the window and wiped away the tear that slid down my cheek.

It amazed me how he and I always managed to have heart to heart conversations about the way he was acting but always ended up fighting again as soon as the conversation was over. I know deep down he was excited about the baby but he had a funny way of showing it.

We pulled into the doctor’s office and I got out of the car without saying a word. When we got into the doctor’s office, my anger was quickly overtaken by a sudden joy when we went into the room after my name was called.

“Miss Carter and Mr. Kane, are you ready to find out the sex of your baby,” the nurse asked us while we waited for the doctor.

“I don’t know about him,” I replied sarcastically while I glared at Patrick, “But I am.”

“I take it that daddy over there is nervous.”

“Yeah, nervous,” I fake smiled and when the nurse turned around I rolled my eyes at Patrick who glared at me in return.

“Your blood pressure is 121 over 82 which is really good and your blood work came back okay from when you had flu like symptoms last week. Just change into the gown and Dr. Castro will be in as soon as he is done.”

“Have you thought about any more names,” Patrick asked and I shook my head no.

“I still like Kendall for a girl and Evan for a boy but I can’t think of anything that goes with either name.”

I unzipped my hoodie and took it off before I put the gown on and laid back down on the table. Patrick pulled the chair over from the corner to the side of the table and I closed my eyes suddenly feeling tired.

“Kaicee, you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied smiling.

“I thought you passed out or something,” Patrick said sincerely and I didn’t know how to feel about him anymore.

“I’m just really tired, it’s not fun having someone play soccer on your bladder all night.”

Patrick laughed and placed his hand on my stomach and our baby immediately kicked. Even though Patrick and I fought all of the time, it was times like these I treasured because it gave me hope that maybe just maybe Patrick was going to be a great father.

“Good morning Miss Carter, Mr. Kane, are you guys ready to find out the sex of your baby,” Dr. Castro asked as he stepped into the room.

“Yes we are,” Patrick replied smiling.

Dr. Castro lifted my gown and I shivered when the cold gel hit my stomach and Patrick instinctively reached out and grabbed my hand. I didn’t pull away this time, I was too anxious right now and I felt like I needed his hand to hold onto for this whole thing.

“There’s the head, and the feet, and I can tell what gender the baby is, are you sure you want to know?”

“We’re sure,” I replied and Patrick gave my hand a squeeze.

“Congratulations Miss Carter and Mr. Kane you two are going to be the proud parents of a baby girl.”

“Oh my God,” I shrieked and Patrick laughed.

“Kaicee, everything looks good and you will be good to go as soon as I print these pictures out. Make sure you schedule a follow up appointment. Congratulations once again,” Dr. Castro said shaking both mine and Pat’s hands before he walked out of the room and I wiped the disgusting gel off of my stomach and put my hoodie back on.

“Kendall Chelsea,” Patrick blurted out.


“Our baby, we are going to name her Kendall Chelsea Kane.”

“Okay,” I replied, “I like it, a lot.”

When we left the doctor’s office, I pulled out my phone and immediately called Donna and Pat Sr. and told them the good news. They were both beyond thrilled that it was a girl but Pat Sr. was slightly disappointed that he wasn’t getting the grandson he was hoping for. Donna said she would tell Jackie, Jessica, and Erica as soon as they got home from wherever they were.

“Patrick, can you drop me off at Jonathan’s?”

“Yeah,” he replied coldly and I chose to ignore it.

We pulled up in front of Jon’s apartment building and I got out telling Patrick that I would see him later and I headed into the building. Jon buzzed me in and I walked down the hall towards the elevators.

“How’d it go today,” Jon asked when I walked into the apartment.

“Pat and I got into a huge fight this morning about mine and your relationship and then he was extremely nice at the doctor’s appointment. His bipolar disorder thing he has going on is really starting to get on my nerves.”

Jon just rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around me, “I wish I could tell you everything was going to change but honestly, I don’t know anymore with Kaner.”

“He said that he is sick of you pretending that you are the father of Kendall.”

“It’s a girl then,” Jon asked temporarily changing the subject.

“Kendall Chelsea Kane.”

“KC for short?”

“It’ll confuse the two of us so she’ll be Kendall for the time being.”

“I like it,” Jon replied kissing my cheek, “Are you going to the game tonight?”

“No, I don’t feel good and besides it’s still just you and Patrick that know I’m pregnant.”

“I was really hoping you’d go, you know we can always tell them that the baby is your ex-boyfriend’s.”

“What about Patrick?”

“What about him, Kaicee? He doesn’t care about how you feel so why do you care about his feelings?”

“I don’t know,” I whispered, “I just want him to be happy we’re having the baby. I didn’t want this but now all of the sudden I do. It’s so different now to me since I can feel her moving inside of me. I just wish I had created her with someone I loved and not someone I despise like Patrick.”

“Come on, I’ll take you home to get something to wear to the game tonight so I can introduce you as my girlfriend.”

I smiled to myself, Jon was everything Pat wasn’t. Jon was my only reason for staying in Chicago and not going back to either Buffalo or New York City like I threatened Patrick with so many times.

I hadn’t even noticed that Jon had disappeared into his bedroom until he sat down on the couch next to me and placed the black jersey in my lap.

“What’s this for,” I asked.

“Instead of me taking you home for clothes, you can wear that tonight on top of your sweatshirt.”

“Will it fit me?”

“All of our jerseys are given to us a lot bigger than the size we wear to fit over all of our equipment so it should fit you,” Jon said then quickly blushed, “Not that I’m calling you fat or anything.”

I laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “It’s okay Jon, I know what you meant.”

Jon smiled and I stood up and pulled the jersey over my head. It was loose even though I was five months pregnant.

“How does it look?”

“You look beautiful,” Jon said standing up from the couch and making his way over to me, “You look way better in that than I ever could.”

“Thanks,” I replied blushing and I put my head down. Jon lifted my face so that I was looking at him and he slowly leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the lips. We’ve hung out and have went on dates within the last month but neither of us made an effort to kiss each other.

I wrapped my arms around Jon’s neck and he kissed me harder. We both pulled away for air and smiled at each other.

“Don’t let him get to you, Kaicee,” Jon whispered giving me another kiss, “He’s not worth crying over.”

“I know.” I wrapped my arms around Jon and he gave me a hug and held me close to him.

“We should get going, I have to be at United Center in twenty minutes.”

“Okay, just let me pee and fix my make-up.”

Jon laughed and I walked down the hall to his bathroom and did what I had to do. He was waiting by the door when I was ready and we both left the house hand in hand.

We arrived at the United Center and I was nervous of how Patrick was going to react to Jon introducing me to everyone as his girlfriend.

“Good evening, Mr. Toews,” the security guard said to Jon.

“Hey Rob,” Jon greeted, “Kaicee, this is Rob, Rob this is my girlfriend, Kaicee.”

“So, this must be the infamous Kaicee you always talk about,” Rob said and Jon blushed and I squeezed his hand, “I’ve heard wonderful things about you Kaicee.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Rob. I wish I could say the same,” I replied causing both he and Jonny to laugh.

We walked down the hallway to the locker room and Jon went in first to make sure everyone was decent before he opened the door and I walked in with him behind me with his hand on my back.

“Everyone,” Jon spoke up and the guys all turned around to look at him, “This is Kaicee, my girlfriend.”

“I totally told you Jonathan was going to end up banging her, pay up Burish,” Patrick Sharp said to the taller man next to him and I laughed as Jon growled low enough for only me to hear.

“Hi Kaicee,” Patrick said coming over to me, “I’m Patrick, you know your baby’s father.” He said it only loud enough so that Jon and I could hear him and it took all I could not to lash out at him in the middle of the locker room.

“Hey Kaicee, here’s your ticket for the game, go head up to your seat while I speak to Patrick…alone,” Jon whispered handing me the ticket before I gave him a quick kiss and headed out of the locker room.


“What the hell was that about,” Jonathan Toews asked his teammate and best friend when they were out of ears reach in the hallway.

“I am so sick of you fucking parading around and acting like you are the father of this baby,” Patrick Kane snapped, “What gives you the right to bring her here?”

“I’m her boyfriend and unlike you, I want to be seen in public with her.”

“I don’t want the whole fucking entire city of Chicago to know that she’s pregnant and wait a second, you’re using her for publicity. I’ve been getting all of the media attention lately and you are jealous so you are going to make people think Kendall is yours.”

“Dude, you have officially lost your fucking mind,” Jon replied, “Are you serious with this shit right now? I like Kaicee…a lot. We share a lot in common and I feel bad for her honestly.”

“Why do you feel bad for her?”

“She’s pregnant to a piece of shit like you.”

“Oh really and who would you rather have her pregnant to?”


“Like I said, you are not the fucking father of Kendall so stop acting like it. She’s my baby and I will be in her life and if I have to learn to deal with you then you can learn to deal with me being the father of Kaicee’s baby.”

“Kaicee’s having a baby,” Patrick Sharp whispered to Adam Burish as they rounded the corner to spy on their two young teammates.

“Holy shit, who’s kid is it?”

“I don’t know, I just heard Kaicee’s baby.”

“Alright homos, what’s going on,” Adam asked as they rounded the corner to where the two men were.

“Nothing, we were just talking about Kaicee,” Jon replied.

“Which one of you knocked her up,” Patrick Sharp asked.

“Neither one of us, she’s pregnant to her ex-boyfriend.”

“Are you sure about that, Kaner? The way you two are acting it’s like one of you knocked her up?”

“Bur, she’s pregnant to her ex-boyfriend that’s why she’s living in Chicago with Kaner since her parents and him bailed on her.”

“You’re dating a pregnant chick, that’s kinky.”

“Shut the fuck up, Sharpie.”

“Come on we have a game to play,” Patrick Kane spoke up, “Let’s just forget this ever happened.”

The four men walked back into the locker room as if nothing happened but deep down Patrick Kane created his own personal vendetta against Jonathan Toews. Kendall was his little girl and he was damned if he was going to accept him acting like he was the father of his baby.