Friday, April 1, 2011

Chapter 9-It's A Girl

*AN* Sorry it didn't get posted when it was supposed to, I had to plan an essay for school. We had an hour and a half class period in a World Literature II class to do a five page essay with evidence of our argument and I had to plan what I was going to say. I hope you all enjoy this. This is just the start of what is ahead. I appreciate your feedback and your encouraging comments. Thanks for staying with me, you guys are awesome.

Pat had arrived home from a short road trip with the Hawks! We weren't exactly on good terms and still wanted to rip each others throats out.

Pat still acted like a frat boy and I was constantly getting phone calls to come pick him up at Sharpie or Soupy's house because he was too drunk to drive.

"Kaicee," Pat's voiced called down the hall, "Are you awake?"

I was almost sound asleep when I heard him calling my name.

"I'm in my room," I replied coldly as I turned my back towards the door.

"Hey," he whispered as he came through the door, "I'm home."

"Okay," I mumbled turning over to give him a slight smile, "Welcome back!"

He shut the door behind him and my phone went off on the night stand letting me know I had a text message.

We're home, lunch after practice tomorrow?

Welcome back!...Idk, I haven't been feeling good

I'll bring something over then! Is Donna still there?

Yeah, she went to a hotel for the night since the baby's room is a nursery and Pat is back

I waited for a reply but it never came, Jon always did this when the boys came home late. I shut my eyes and soon fell asleep! Kendall was kicking like crazy; it was almost as if she knew her father was home.

Patrick smiled as he entered Kaicee’s room; she was sound asleep on her side with her hand on her stomach. She was now eight months pregnant which meant Kendall would be here in one month or sooner if he stressed Kaicee out like he always did.

Carefully walking over to the bed, Pat lifted Kaicee's shirt and place a kiss on her stomach, "Hey angel," he whispered, "Daddy's home!"

He placed his hand on Kaicee's stomach and he felt Kendall kick in response, "Daddy's going to sleep now but behave for your mommy, okay? Please try to come when daddy is home and not halfway across America!"

Kendall kicked harder this time and Pat chuckled before placing another kiss on Kaicee's stomach, "I love you," he whispered before standing up and kissing Kaicee's forehead, "Sometimes I even love you too," he mumbled before walking out of the room.

Pat walked into the nursery and began removing clothes from gift bags to the dressers. His mom and sisters had thrown Kaicee a baby shower while he was away in California and western Canada.

Pat laughed as he saw the little pink Blackhawks onesie with "Daddy 88" from his sisters on the back but frowned when he saw the matching purple one with "Toews 19" on the back.

"What the fuck ever," Pat said throwing the onesie in the drawer. He disposed of the bags after writing down who gave the gifts so Kaicee could send out thank you notes.

The whole city of Chicago still didn't know he was Kendall's father. Jon had done a good job at keeping his relationship with Kaicee private and Patrick had to admit that he was grateful for it. The only thing the city knew was what Patrick had told the media, the story was that Kaicee was in a relationship and the father kicked her out of the house and she had nowhere to go since her parents disowned her, and Pat had taken it upon himself to her in since she was his sister's best friend who needed a fresh start, therefore, moving to Chicago.

Walking the garbage to the shoot down the hall that lead to the main dumpster, Pat opened the door to his apartment and went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to find an empty house. I had a lot to do today since all of my gifts from the baby shower that Donna had given me still weren't put away. As I opened the door, I saw a list taped to the dresser with names and the gift they had bought. I looked in the drawers and saw all of Kendall's clothes were folded neatly in them. I sighed as I saw the purple onesie wrinkled in the empty drawer that Pat marked "Jordans" on. I saw the little white shoes with the Michael Jordan silhouette on them and I laughed. It was pretty funny to see that although Patrick was against having a baby, he still wanted to make sure she was dressed to impress.

I folded Jon's onesie neatly and walked down the stairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. I was in the middle of making eggs when I felt something wet hit my feet and a sharp pain in my stomach.

I turned the stove off and buckled over as the pain left, I looked down at the puddle of water by my feet and that's when I realized that I was now in labor. I pulled my cell phone out of my sweatpants pocket and dialed Donna's number.

"Donna," I gasped.

"Kaicee, what's wrong," she asked frantically, "Are you pkay?"

"My water broke, I'm in labor," I managed to get out as another pain jabbed me in the stomach.

"Hang on, honey," she said yelling for Erica, Jessica, and Jackie, "We'll be right there."

"I gotta call Patrick!"

"Don't worry about that, Erica's on the phone right now calling him. Call Jon and let him know."

Jon ended the call and ran down the runway of the United Center towards his teammates.

"Whoa, Toe-ez where's the fire," Patrick Sharp asked.

Jonathan ignored his comment and skated towards Kaner who was messing around with Adam Burish.

"Kaner," Jon said when he finally reached him, "It's Kaicee, you got to get to the hospital."

"Why," Pat asked suddenly feeling nautious, "What's wrong with Kaicee?"

"Her water broke," Jon smiled, "Your mom couldn't reach you on your phone, so Kaicee called me and said to meet her there."

"Fuck," Pat replied skating towards Coach Quenneville, "Coach, I got to leave and scratch me tonight, let Steeger play."

"I swear to God Kane, you better be dead or dying for me to do that, what's wrong? Happy Hour at Tavern during second intermission?"

"I'm going t o be a daddy," Patrick admitted.

"Hahaha good one Kaner," Sharpie joked

"Kaner, since when are the Hawks paying your ass to be a comedian,” Adam Burish joked.

“You fucking assholes, he’s being serious. Kendall is his baby, not Kaicee’s ex, not mine, she’s Kaner’s,” Jon said rolling is eyes.

“I fucking knew it,” Bur replied, “Pay up Sharpie.”

Coach Q rolled his eyes at the men, “I know from experience the kid doesn’t wait for you to come to it before it decides it’s time to be born, so Kane, you’re scratched tonight and are excused from practice. If anyone asks, you have the flu. I’ll make sure we release an official statement.”

“Thank you,” Pat said skating as fast as he could towards the runway with Jonathan following behind.

“My car or your car,” Jon asked as they walked into the locker room.

“You are not going anywhere,” Pat replied as he put on his track suit.

“I have a right to be there, I’m her boyfriend,” Jon argued.

“What the fuck,” Pat yelled slamming his hand off the wooden stall, “Let’s get something straight, you are not Kendall’s fucking father, I am. You are not going to that hospital, you can come visit my daughter just like everyone else will. You maybe be Kaicee’s boyfriend but you are not ever going to be Kendall’s father, do I make myself clear?”

Jon stared at Pat in disbelief as he left the locker room without saying a word and headed back out to the ice.

Patrick called Donna to let her know that he was on his way. He arrived at the hospital, “GET OUT,” Kaicee screamed as a contraction hit her, “I don’t even want to look at you right now.”

Patrick wanted to say something rude to her but he kept it to himself. He knew now was not the time to start a fight with her when she was about to give birth to his daughter.

The doctor came in to check on Kaicee and she was nine centimeters dilated which meant Kendall was getting closer and closer to making her arrival. Donna and the girls were excited when the doctor came back an hour later and let Kaicee know that she was ready to push.

“Mr. Kane, would you like to go into the delivery room with her?”

“Yeah,” Pat smiled as the nurse pushed the gurney down the hall.

“Alright Kaicee, when I say push, you push. Mr. Kane count to ten.”

“Are you ready, Miss Carter,” the nurse asked.

“Get this baby out of me,” she screamed as Patrick reached down and took her hand in his.

“You can do it, Kaicee,” Pat whispered running his hands through her clammy forehead.

“Start counting to ten, this baby is ready to come out.”

“One, two, three,” Pat counted and Kaicee pushed.

“Good, the head’s almost out.”

Patrick counted down one last time and Kaicee pushed before she fell back against the hospital bed.

“Congratulations Mr. Kane, Miss Carter, it’s a girl,” the doctor announced as he suctioned Kendall’s nose.

Kendall Chelsea Kane was born on February 12, 2008 weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces and sixteen inches long at 7:37 pm.

“Mr. Kane, would you like to cut the cord,” the nurse asked handing Patrick the scissors completely oblivious to the fact that Patrick was the father.

As Patrick cut the cord, he couldn’t help but smile. Later on as Donna and the girls entered the room. Patrick’s phone rang and he grabbed it out of his pocket. Sighing as he looked at the screen, he noticed the seven words that he always received from Adam when the Hawks won.

We kicked ass!! Club tonight? You in?

Patrick looked at me and I just frowned and signaled for him to leave and even though Kendall was now here, Patrick was still the same. He chose partying with his teammates over his newborn daughter.

“Oh my God,” I said looking at the television as the Hawks highlights showed, “He fucking gave Kendall her middle name because of Chelsea Dagger.”

Donna smiled and tried to convince me that it was cute. I pretended it was and laughed it off but deep down she hated it because Patrick was going to turn our daughter into a chick magnet.

“We’re going back to Buffalo in a week,” Erica announced, “Why don’t you bring Kendall back so that she can get used to her room at homes?”

“Patrick still has some of the season left,” Donna said.

“Buffalo sounds like a great idea,” I replied and Erica knew that if I didn’t leave Chicago now, the Blackhawks would have a dead superstar.

Patrick left the club that night with a girl like he always did and a massive hangover during his walk of shame the next morning. It didn’t faze him that he had a daughter, to him being a dad was just a title and not a responsibility but he was about to learn the hard way because sometimes you don’t know what you got until it’s gone and Patrick Kane was about to be slapped in the face by a big dose of reality.


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