Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chapter 8-Back to Basics

Patrick slid down the wall and re-read the letter that was left on the dining room table when he returned home from practice. How could he have let things this out of hand, he should have just manned up and accepted his responsibilities as a father but instead he was letting his daughter walk out of his life.

Crumbling up the paper, the words were etched in his mind. He sighed as he grabbed his phone and dialed Jon’s number.


I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye but you left me no choice. I know you want to be there for Kendall but you’re not there for me. I can’t take the fighting anymore; it’s not healthy for either one of us. Last week when I went into false labor after one of our fights, it made me realize that I need to get away from you in order to keep our baby safe. As much as it hurts me leaving because I am so far along in my pregnancy, I just can’t be around you anymore. There are days you are the Patrick that I’ve known then there are days you turn into “P.Kane.” Don’t try to find me, I’ll call you when I come back.

I know you’re capable of being a great father but until then, I’m gone.


Patrick ran his hands through his curls and slid down the wall putting his head in his hands. How did he let it get this far? He turned into the guy he hated, the guy who refused to man-up and accept his responsibilities as a father.

Sighing to himself, he stood up, grabbed his keys off of the table by the door and left the house. Pulling into the Babies R Us on Western Avenue, he put the car in park and walked into the store. Grabbing the cherry wood crib with the pink and brown polka dot bedding that matched the stroller and car seat he had chosen, he then made his way to the baby apparel. Grabbing one of every dress and outfit he could find, he paid for everything he bought.

He was a man on a mission, he had to not only change for his daughter’s sake but for himself as well. Pulling the cans of paint out of the car and into the house, he got to work on the bedroom that was currently his guestroom.

Patrick took a step back in the door of the former guestroom at his home and smiled to himself. He spent all of his free time turning the room into Kendall’s nursery

He put the crib together himself and the rocking chair that he had purchased was delivered on Sunday. Adam had called him several times begging him to go out to the clubs and pick up chicks but he wasn’t up for it. He was determined to get the nursery finished.

Now that the nursery was finally finished, Patrick shut the door to the guestroom and vowed not to let anyone see it until Kaicee returned from Buffalo.

Wednesday January 14, 2009

Patrick stepped onto the ice of the United Center, tonight the Hawks were playing his hometown team, the Buffalo Sabres. He hoped that Kaicee would come back to town tonight but as he looked around the stands, he didn’t see her.

“Are you okay, Kaner,” Jon asked skating over to him.

“Have you talked to Kaicee at all?”

“A couple of weeks ago, she said she’s doing fine and that Kendall is fine too.”

“Did she say when she’s coming back?”

“No, but she’ll be back before Kendall is born, she wouldn’t do that to you, I know you two fight but she wouldn’t do that.”

“I just want her to see what I did for Kendall!”

“What’d you do,” Jon asked as they shot pucks into the net during warm-ups.

“I made the guestroom that was used for storage at my house into a nursery for Kendall.”

“How come you never told us?”

“I guess I tried to keep the tough guy act going but deep down I wanted to prove to myself and Kaicee that I can be a father.”

“I would have helped you,” Jon said.

“I hate to admit this but part of me hates you, Jon,” Patrick began, “You make me mad when you act like you’re Kendall’s father. I know you’re with Kaicee but Kendall is my daughter, not yours.”

Jon didn’t bother responding before he skated away and started talking to Sharpie. Patrick fired pucks angrily in the net to try and clear his head. Just when he thought he could change, Jon changed his whole attitude. He talked to Kaicee once or twice a week and didn’t bother telling him and now he was acting like he was the father of Kendall once again.

After defeating the Sabres 4-1, Patrick took a shower and was leaving the arena when he noticed Jon with his arm around someone as he walked to his car. Patrick felt his blood boil when he noticed it was Kaicee, she was back in town and Jon didn’t tell him.


Slamming the door to his condo shut, Patrick threw everything from the table in his hallway on the floor and shouted a chain of cuss words at the walls.

“Lying bastard,” Patrick said picking up a picture of him and Jon and throwing it at the wall.

Patrick went into the kitchen and opened up the drawer where he had hit a bottle of rum from one of the parties that were thrown at his house and downed it without stopping. The burning of the alcohol felt good going down his throat and he could feel the sudden buzz coming over him. He grabbed the bottle of vodka that was also under the counter and popped it open before he sat down on the couch and started watching Sportscenter.

After finishing the bottle of vodka, Patrick passed out on the couch. When he woke up the next morning, he heard the sound of footsteps shuffling around the apartment. Sitting up on the couch and rubbing his head when he felt the pain from his hangover setting in, he looked around the apartment and noticed the broken glass was now cleaned and that Kaicee’s coat was hanging in the hallway.

“Well, well, well, look who finally decided to come back to Chicago,” Patrick said bitterly to the mother of his child as he entered the kitchen.

“It’s good to know you haven’t changed one bit while I was gone,” Kaicee fired back as she finished wiping down the counter.

“How long has that lying sack of shit supposed best friend of mine been keeping you hostage?”

“JON hasn’t been keeping me hostage, I came back in town last night.”

“I deserve to know when you’re back, after all that is my kid you’re carrying.”

“Since when do you care?”

“Since I donated my sperm to create the kid.”

“You sure do have a way with words, Patrick!”

Patrick rolled his eyes as he filled a glass with water and grabbed the bottle of Advil from the counter, “I’m not in the mood, so please shut the fuck up.”

“Fuck you,” Kaicee said throwing the rag down on the counter before she stormed off towards her bedroom.

“Bitch,” Patrick mumbled under his breath before he headed to take a shower.

Kaicee laid in her bed and cried, she thought her leaving would teach Patrick a lesson but it didn’t. She needed to get away, she needed to see Jon, and so she pulled on her boots and grabbed her scarf. As she was walking down the hall, she noticed the door with a pink K on it. She hadn’t noticed it when she first came home, so she turned the doorknob and stood there in complete shock as she noticed the finished nursery.

“Oh my God,” she said walking into the room and running her fingers over the crib and the pink and brown polka dot bedding that was inside of it. Looking around the room, she wiped a tear from her eye and sat in the rocking chair.

Patrick had made their daughter a nursery but still acted like he didn’t want to be a father. It hurt her to see that Patrick hadn’t changed but was in fact the same person she left. She knew coming back to Chicago was a bad idea but she was two months away from her due date and she couldn’t help but feel obligated to be here. Patrick deserved to see his child being born even though his own family didn’t think he did. She hated things being back to the way they were but everything gets better in time, right? She prayed that they would but deep down she knew her and Patrick were right back to where they had started from.


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  2. I think Patrick and Kaicee both need to mature a lot more for when this baby comes. All of the fighting the two do is not proving anything and they need to put their differences aside for the baby's sake.

    I feel as if he does, deep down, love her, but her relationship with Jon is just complicating things between the two of them. I think Jon is being the most mature out of all of them, and even though Patrick is still acting childish, I do feel bad for him.

    Great update. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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